Attempted Memory
How many attempts will it take you?
Attempted Memory is a game that could help build your memory.
When starting an attempt you are presented with a grid of numbers (1 to 9) randomly arranged.
You will have 3 seconds to memorize the order of all the numbers before they re hidden. Tap on the boxes to reveal the numbers in ascending counting order.
If you tap a box that contains a number out of order the game will reset and your attempt will be counted.

How many attempts will it take you to recall 9 numbers in ascending order?
Ui Slots
Lets Play some Multiply Slots
Ui Slots is a casino style slot game with a twist; multiplication and luck determines your wins.
Each image represents a number that is to be added up to a total that equals a win.
Each play costs a credit of 10 with the option to increase your credit bet by increasing your multiplier to a max of 3, or 30 a play.
Upon hit of the “Play” button the slot reel will randomize before stopping at a set of images which equal out to a total.
If you hit a winning number you’ll receive the total of the play times your multiplier number.
Have fun and good luck!
The Order of Color Theory
Follow the Order of Colors
The Order of Color Theory is a simple game with a simple mission: Tap the colors in the order they appear.
The game will load color circles enlarging in the order that they will have to be tapped.
If you tap the circles before they finish loading you will not gain any points. If you do not follow the order of the color circles, you will move on to the next level to try and gain more points.
There are 10 levels total. Try and beat your final score, have fun, and follow the Order of Colors.
Kerato of the Darkness
Turn on the lights... just hope Kerato does not see you…
Kerato of the Darkness is a game played with a group of friends.
The objective of the game is simple: Turn the lights on.
If you turn on the light you are safe. Once the light turns off it is the next players turn. If Kerato jumps out from the Darkness then you are out of the game.
The person remaining after all other players are out is the WINNER!!!

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